The Codex Of Conduct is a network that invites people with similar interests, opinions, and values to share this site. It is our goal to offer our members interesting and humorous incentives by using our services. The following basic rules are obligatory and necessary in order to achieve this goal, and must be respected by every user.

(1) Respect And Tolerance For Other Members! Participants of come from different regions, countries, and cultures, and may have very differing ideas and feelings.

(2) Tone of Conversation: The use of vulgar, demeaning, and hateful language is strictly prohibited. The same applies to the expression of such language through signs or masking it by other means and symbols. Show your fellow members the respect they deserve, and, above all, remember that Jehovah's Witnesses online here have high moral standards. Bad conduct online (when chatting on may be sanctioned by restricting your access to this site at our sole discretion. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to terminate your membership effective immediately. A warning will show you that your language is not in line with the rules of conduct of If you should receive such a warning, please take a few minutes and read the Codex of Conduct one more time carefully.

(3) Do not carry out conflicts in public. When two members fight openly, the whole community suffers - and it certainly does not help solving any conflict, because who likes losing his face in front of all the others ? So please, use other, more private means of communication and kindly refrain from using the public platform in such cases.

(4) Nuisances : Entering into contact with another member of with the intent to show this member unwanted attention, or disturb him/her in any other possible manner, is prohibited. The operator of this service will not tolerate any molestation of its clients by others, regardless in what means and manners, and reserves the right to immediately undertake countermeasures to prevent such molestation, such as restriction of access to the service. Of course you may have differing opinions with other members, and we do encourage discussion in our forum, however we will not tolerate any personal attacks towards others. If you do have a conflict to solve with another member, please stay focused on the facts and do not get personal.

(5) Zero tolerance for illegal actions: We will, in no way, tolerate any presentation, glorification, or minimization of illegal actions and conduct. If such misconduct should ever occur, we will immediately upon receiving knowledge of such acts, at our sole discretion, take the appropriate measures, including but not limited to informing the appropriate Authorities.

(6) Viruses, Spam, etc. : Usage of the website with the intent to transmit viruses, "Trojan Horses", Junk-E-Mails, Spam-E-Mails, and chain letters, is prohibited.

(7) Spam-Scrolling : Spam-Scrolling is the causing of continuous scrolling of other chatroom participants' screens, which prevents them from entering any instructions on their computers. Spam-Scrolling is strictly prohibited! It is usually initiated by a user by entering a coincidental series of letters or signs, by holding down or continuously hitting the enter button, or by other actions with similar effect.

(8) The use of false/fraudulent identities, including but not limited to, the use of another person's or legal entity's name, is strictly prohibited ! This also includes a user's falsely stating he/she is a member of the team, a provider, or a net host. It applies, above all, to the choice of your screen name, or member profile as well as your dialogues in our chat rooms.

(9) Interference into dialogs: Interference occurs when a member intentedly disturbs the normal process of a conversation/dialog in a chatroom. This may include repeated interrupting of a conversation between other users, obnoxious comments, or the creation of hostile images, or any other hostilities.

(10) Snowball Schemes: The spreading of news by means of the snowball effect is not allowed on

(11) Observance of Rules: If you should ever witness a communication in our chatroom that infringes on our Terms and Conditions of Usage, you may inform us of such infringement by using our CONTACT FORM. You may also do this if you ever witness an illegal act or similar conduct that is in any way contrary to our Terms and Conditions of Usage.